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The Sky Ride terrifies me but the fair at night is always lovely <3.

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Walter will squeak and tear apart every other toy of his, but if you squeak this pumpkin at him, he’ll gently take it away and cuddle with it.

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{insert poetry}

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Adventures in camping up in Lake Arrowhead~! I loved this trip, it was so nice being able to stay for more than one night.

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My favorite picture from yesterday’s hike at the Etiwanda Preserve~.

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<3 California

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I took a blurry CA snapchat and I really like it.

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Two of my favorite photos from yesterday’s hike. California has such lovely colors.

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Random photos from the Bridge Street School, the project site for my design studio! I had fun with the macro feature. Those bottom plants look like little towers.

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aforementioned flower arrangement, with some lighting/levels adjustment.

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