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Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

"Que brujeria Me hiciste
que no te puedo olvidar"  - Chalino Sanchez (Triste Recuerdos)


Abraham Megerle: Speculum Musico-Mortuale

Salzburg, 1672

These interesting engravings come from a 1672 Salzburg manuscript, Speculum Muscio-Mortuale by baroque composer Abraham Megerle(s).

To the best of my limited understanding (limited by the dearth of relevant information on the web and by the usual translational aberrances) Megerle (1609-1670) was from Innsbruck, Austria and pursued something of a religious life as Director of Cathedral Music in Konstanz, Germany and was a music pupil of Johann Stadlmayr.

It would seem that these Totenköpfen (‘deadheads’ - skulls) form some sort of allegorical centrepiece, augmented by the musical instruments and symbols in each illustration. The engravings are placed among descriptive and biblicial text and give the appearance to my mind of some kind of musical half-cousin to the emblemata genre. I saw some passing reference to this volume being an autobiography but I’m not sure about that.

It’s best to see them in their original context, particularly if you read german (and latin moreso). I’m very curious so if anyone knows what the book is about or has any edumacated guesses to offer, please go right ahead.

There is also reference to a Peter Tenhaef and his  Abraham Megerles “Speculum musico mortuale” and its dead-liturgical parallels in the “Beylag to my will” in: Music in Bavaria 56 (1998), 15-40 .. [I’ve half a mind to contact him at his university email address and ask some questions] (by peacay)

The above Megerle images are nearly the total on display at the Universitätsbibliothek Salzburg (translation page)

The sunset lighting is great, damn.

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If anyone was ever wondering how best to propose to me.

"Porn is not about sex, it’s about sexualized power. Porn, a few outliers notwithstanding, is about men fucking women into submission, often violently. If it weren’t, there’d be no choking, no puking, no bukkake, no gang bangs, no double (or quadruple) penetration, no ATM, no slapping, no name-calling, no images of multiple men high-fiving each other while they use and abuse one woman’s body, no porn copy containing phrases like “until she cries” or “watch this little whore get ____” or “Interchangeable Female Body vs. Fearsome Violent Penis.” The porn industry, if it were just all about sex rather than about sexualized hate, wouldn’t be in a race to the bottom with itself to create ever more absurd configurations of bodies, the sole aim of which seems to be to subject women to the most heinous abuse possible.

Don’t bother telling me that the porn you watch isn’t quite that gnarly. Check out the behavior of the men in comparison to that of the women, look at the positions of the bodies, think about the camera angle, listen to what is being said, think about whose pleasure seems paramount, then come back and tell me the porn you watch isn’t just as much (if not more) about dominance and submission as it is about sex."  - Nine Deuce (x)


Back to school, Amanda Friedman

Additionally, I only work three days next week and will probably be sent home early for two of them. So that’ll be a fun paycheck. :I

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